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About our products

The inaugural collection

Designed to embody and exude luxury, Bonessi Ballerinas are created with an equal focus on comfort, style and quality. Our first collection launched in 2015 after more than four years of research, design and testing. Only 2015 pairs of Bonessi Ballerinas have been created to mark the birth year of our exclusive, inaugural collection. 

Luxury should not come at the cost of comfort and Bonessi’s first collection, which comes in a variety of designs and colours, is manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail, always ensuring comfort remains at the heart of each unique design. 

At Bonessi, we value individuality and have named each style of our ballerina range to reflect their distinctive personalities. These names are inspired by the team of people behind the designs, with each one reflecting a particular strength that has contributed to its success. 

The Bonessi 30 day Return Policy will provide you the opportunity to feel the unique qualities of Bonessi footwear without any obligation.

Signature inner sole

But it is not all about appearances. Ultimately, it is what’s on the inside that counts and all our ballerinas include the signature, cushioned Bonessi inner sole. We have spent years researching and analysing the anatomy of the foot in order to allow us to perfect our inner sole – one that curves around the heel and arches of the feet with incomparable results. This unique design caters perfectly for the female physique; eliminating the daily tension that can be experienced whilst wearing shoes for extended periods. The cushioned layers within the inner sole ensure feet remain adequately and expertly supported throughout the day. 

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Genuine quality leather

We use the finest leather in the main body, front, inner lining and inner sole of every pair of Bonessi Ballerinas. Our ballerinas are available in a variety of different leather finishes including soft, patent and suede leather as well as pony skin.

Genuine leather needs real care and attention. Please see our Shoe Care Guide for more details on keeping your Bonessi Ballerinas in the condition they deserve. 

Outer sole

In addition to each unique design, all our ballerinas have a 4.5mm textured heel to ensure sufficient grip for all surfaces and conditions. The resilient outer sole is made from durable rubber, intentionally designed to protect the foot, whilst withstanding every day wear and tear. 

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The Espadrilles Collection

The Bonessi Espadrilles collection was launched in July 2016 in four wonderful colours.

All our Bonessi Espadrilles are crafted from soft two tone leather body, which are colour matched with ultra-comfortable specially selected leather inner sole. Our Espadrilles are characterised with a rope detailed design on the sole.

Like our Bonessi Ballerinas range, we are confident that you will love the style, quality and comfort of our Espadrilles collection. 

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