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Flats – Why Women Love Them

Flats – Why Women Love Them

Ask any woman whether she would prefer to wear flats over high heels and you are most likely to hear a big ‘Yes’! After all, flat shoes are more comfortable and easy to wear as compared to heels. They are way better than shoes and allow you to walk much longer distances without any trouble.

So, when it comes to your day to day life, flats naturally become the number one choice for most women.

Heels have been a mainstay of women’s fashion for a long time; however, that is all about to change now. Flat shoes such as Ballerinas and Espadrilles are catching up fast, both on the streets as well as the runways around the globe.

In the last few years, with the mainstream fashion opting for menswear-inspired looks for women, ladies flat shoes have started gracing the biggest of global stages, social media being one of them.

Glamour Magazine has been featuring flat shoes on its Instagram channel with the #FlatsFriday for quite a few years. Many other popular style blogs have also started paying tributes to a large variety of flats in recent times.

Well, why wouldn’t they? The flat shoes of today come with more detail and embellishment than ever before and have even started to rival the best of heels in charm and sex-appeal.

Take, for example, the case of Eva by Bonessi Ballerinas. The beautifully designed flat shoes are made using only the finest of leather with a unique snakeskin pattern that is hard to find anywhere else.

Eva is available in six different colours and comes equipped with a sizeable Bonessi embellishment to make you stand out no matter the setting. You can wear them to work and also don them at a party quite easily. Wherever you go, these premium leather ballerinas would keep you super comfortable at all times and always on top when it comes to high fashion.

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