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We at Bonessi Ballerinas have made a conscious decision not to have our own store for the following reasons:

1- The cost of having a store is expensive - Most brands pass on these costs to their customers, whereas we prefer to manage costs effectively and to price our luxury footwear at a more affordable levels so more people can try the comfort of Bonessi footwear.

2- Did you know that selling our footwear products in shops which sell multiple brands requires the product to be sold to retailers at 50% discount to retail price? This means that our profit margin needs to be at least 50%. We have priced our products to ensure people who enjoy wearing comfortable footwear can afford to buy them!

3- The future is online. We can access our customers internationally and not restrict the comfort of Bonessi footwear to only one town or city in the UK.


Question: You may ask how can I try Bonessi Ballerinas?

You have a 30 day no obligation refund policy. We don't get many requests for refunds and when we do 99% of the time the customer receives a full refund.


Question: How do I know if the Bonessi size fits me well?

We always recommend to follow our Shoe Size Guide before ordering.

You are able to wear your Bonessi Ballerinas or Espadrilles indoors and if you are not happy with the fit or comfort we can exchange them for you for a different size with a refund of any postage fee which you have incurred.

Alternatively if you are a new customer you can Contact Us via our online form within the first hour of placing your order and request for a second size to be delivered to you. Once you have tried both sizes and chosen your preferred size you can return to us the pair which you do not need. We will refund you any postage fee which you have incurred. Please note you are required to follow our Return Policy criteria. The 2nd pair has to be posted to us within 7 days of delivery.


Final thought

We may consider collaborating with other retailers specifically online stores provided it's a 'collaboration' and not a one way business transaction where we give away our products which we have worked so hard for away for free.


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