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Yas Bonessi Ballerinas featured in SLOAN! Magazine

Yas Bonessi Ballerinas featured in SLOAN! Magazine

About SLOAN! Magazine

In this ever-changing world where the economic market can easily fluctuate you need to understand your audience and their needs otherwise your business could be severely challenged. At SLOAN! Magazine we make it our business to understand the needs of our readers who are from London’s most discerning demographic and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) from across the UK. We decided to include this article within the magazine to inspire other professionals to know their audience as it is crucial to delivering the right service to your target market.

– HNWI voted London and New York as their most important cities

– 59% invest in fine art/collectables and just slightly less invest in jewellery

– 2 in 5 of HNWI spend their money wisely on luxury items that provide quality of product and service

– 50% of HNWI intend to stay in the UK long term and spend their money here

– Over 50% own more than one property in the UK


Yas Bonessi Ballerinas featured in SLOAN! Magazine. See p5 of the Online Magazine.

Featured Bonessi Ballerinas: Gold Yas Ballerinas

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